3D modeling editor for houses with calculation of works and materials.

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Smart 3D

Why do you need Sweeome

With the help of "smart" editor, you can design a 3D model of buildings and entire homes after a quick training. Learning how to work with the editor - is a fascinating process, expanding your capabilities. Using this tool will be especially interesting to construction crews and individuals who plan construction of your own home. 3D Sweeome editor - discover new horizons useful creativity!


Exciting Features

With Sweeome editor you will be able to develop and get ready-made three-dimensional model of the future object. To create a 3D project is added to the list of construction work and materials needed. You will only indicate the price tags of accessories, and then you'll have a ready estimate of the upcoming construction. Is not it convenient and useful feature?
Work Types

Your own 3D Editor

Immediately after registration, you get your own editor. Integrate it into your website or use it for a direct link. You can use the settings and leave you only the relevant performers and vendors. And most importantly, you will be able to earn money, getting 40% of the material suppliers caught in a project created in your editor. And yet - it is absolutely free!

Virtual space to work - always at hand!

The editor works in the cloud service, which does not require a software platform on the hard disk. Therefore, you can save the project to a compact vehicle, to continue the work in any place where there is access to the Internet from any device, including mobile gadgets. The indisputable advantages of such a solution are well known to owners of Apple portable electronics. Design without being tied to specific hardware and place: I agree - it's really good!

User-friendly interface - for your comfort!

The user interface is intuitive control system and a convenient location all options. Sophisticated software solutions enable you to adapt your workspace editor for any size monitor. To work with the application, you can without any additional settings on any computing device, including smartphones and tablets. Therefore, no unnecessary movements - all attention only on the creative process!

A minimum of routine - a maximum of creativity!

We believe - house design should be fun process that requires extraordinary imagination and creative intuition. Only inspiration can create an attractive home for a comfortable life. Therefore, all the boring moments, such as the dimensions of the elements, the analysis of the work, comparison and calculation of materials designed facility, run in automatic mode. You just have a creative side of design - go and have fun with their own abilities!

To suddenly start missing

The editor has a 6 color themes for the decoration of the working field and interface plus two options menu. The process of learning how to use the application in all cases turns into an exciting intellectual testing ground for their own abilities. All engineering operations are designed for ordinary users, far from deep computer skills. But the main thing - it's an exciting pleasure of the achieved results on their own. Try only to start - and stop you it will be impossible!

Pleasant trifles

You can make as many good pictures with the built-in option «Screenshot». There is the possibility of submitting documents in formats XlS and PDF. To create a model projects, you can import any image (jpg, png) from the foundation up or walls, which will be used as a stencil. Advanced users can be integrated into the animation project, which will significantly increase the visual appeal of the finished product.


Infographics editor reveals excessive and insufficient parameters of constructed structures. The ability to optimize the project, taking into account such information greatly save the budget of the forthcoming construction.

Construction Works

A wide range of possibilities.

The proposed set of categories of construction work form designer that helps inexperienced in construction business user to create a house in 3D from the foundation to the landscape design. The design process will generate a list of all the necessary construction work. If possible, on the basis of the most frequent requests, we have added to the list of categories and designers to implement new structural and design solutions.

Construction Materials

Just what you need and nothing more.

The finished projects indicates the number of materials in accordance with the amount of added elements on the canvas. If you have a unique user-replaceable materials you choose from the list. The register will be constantly updated materials, including by offering real suppliers of building materials.Due to this possibility the user will receive a list of materials that will allow him as closely as possible to plan the construction costs. In conclusion, it remains only to make prices and to calculate the estimated total construction. Everything is fast, easy and beautiful!

3D Sweetome Editor - a tool for creative design!

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